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Business Media Services

Business media services Include client educational videos, internal training videos, live event coverage, company parties, documentation of meetings and/or business presentations. We also cover company headshots, real-estate and product photography.

KBS Quarterly Meetings

Real Estate Developer and REIT fund manager KBS uses video in many different ways, but perhaps one less direct apparent way is to document all internal meetings and continuing education, which then streams online via private link to all their employees, partners and investors. This is a cost effective way of communicating and archiving business operations and policies to everyone in their local and east coast offices.

*Video not shown for privacy of internal documents

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Functional Medical success Summit: event

The Functional Medicine Success Summit was a week long event hosted by Dr. Peter Osbourn in Houston Texas, in which several success coaches taught on different topics to medical doctors that run their own functional medicine practice. They used our services to capture the live event, edit it for sale to attendees and online and to create an promotional brand piece to attract future attendees and online sales held by Dr. Osbourn; we captured testimonials of Dr. Osborns clients in his clinic Origins for a brand video. We also captured photography headshots of Dr. Osbourn and his staff. 

Pamper ME Fabulous

We we're hired to capture the festivities of Pamper Me Fabulous annual event and showcase it in a hip stylized way to attract their ideal audience. We were asked to target the primary celebrity speaker, multiple vendors and highlight sponsors of the event such as Hyundai, Rebokk and Honestea. 

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